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My Dear Fellow Respected U. S. Citizens:

As I put pen-to-paper herewith standing I hope this free guide will help educate you in your decisions by better understanding your rights pertaining to filing bankruptcy with or without a bankruptcy attorney.

So let’s get started

To File or Not To File Bankruptcy

Before taking into consideration filing bankruptcy protection you might consider talking to your creditors. They may work with you and resolve your account issues by accepting less payment or settling the account for a smaller amount, or both.

It is always better to make an effort to discuss a possible settlement with creditors, especially if you’re only talking about a few financial accounts.

They are companies that can do the negotiating for you if you feel you do not want to talk to the creditors; personally I don’t blame you, “it can be a hard thing to do”.

If you decide on such a third party service, beware of scams! Some companies advertise they will negotiate on your behalf, collect up front money and monthly payments from you so they might pay your creditors.

I would stay a way form companies that advertising they are non-profit organization and can reduce debt up to 50%. Some are legit others collect the monthly amounts from you and then not pay your creditors.

Just do some background checking like Better Business Bureau if you decide this is best for you. In my opinion an attorney may do a better job and cost you far less.

If you decide to negotiate with the creditors and can afford to pay them, you may not need to read this guide and avoid – bankruptcy.

HOWEVER, if you discover you can no longer make payments to all or just some of your creditors, then protection from a bankruptcy might be for you.

If you have to make a decision which to pay first the rent/ mortgage, utilities, food or credit card “which would come last, or not at all” ?

Filing for bankruptcy maybe be the right decision for you.

What do you think will happen if you’re to say to a creditor “I’m filing bankruptcy protection”?

Now What? I’ll tell you what! You need to read this guide “Bankruptcy Protection” Making The Right Decisions !

help filing bankruptcyThis guide can help find an attorney “who may better advised you”.

free bankruptcy helpThis guide may help you “file the bankruptcy yourself”.

filing bankruptcyIn short this guide may “help you make the right decisions”!

filing bankruptcy

How does bankruptcy work

How does Bankruptcy work

- How does bankruptcy work?

So, you’re thinking to file bankruptcy, but you are confused as to how it works. You have asked your friends and relatives, but seem to receive different answers depending on whom you ask. There is a very good reason for these different answers. These disparities exist because there are actually different types of personal bankruptcy.

Two major types of bankruptcy exist:

The two most common forms of personal bankruptcy are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. The U.S. bankruptcy laws require anyone who files bankruptcy to take a means test. This is not really a test at all – instead, it’s a way for the courts to determine if you qualify to file for bankruptcy. If this means test shows you actually make enough money, from your sources of income to pay back some or all of your debt, then you may file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and enter into a three to five year payment plan to pay back a portion of your debt.

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